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The Perfect Temperature, by Thermoworks

We’ve all heard of the touch test to determine the "doneness" of a cut of steak depending on how the palm of your hand feels when you touch each finger to your thumb… however, is this really the best way to check, what about chicken or fish. Well, Thermoworks has figured it out. They have a large line of thermometers in different price points. All of them give an accurate temperature within 4 seconds. The Kitchen in Nashville carries a wide range of their products. The Thermopop is a super-fast thermometer that gives you an accurate temperature within 4 seconds. With over 5000 hour lifetime on one lithium battery, for the casual chef, this is a great thermometer. If you are looking for a little more accurate and quick Thermometer; give a minute to contemplate the MK4 Thermometer and the Classic Super Fast Thermapen. The Classic Super fast combines speed and precision to ensure that your meal is cooked to the perfect temperature. The Super-Fast is splash proof, has an on/off button and has a battery life of 1500 hours. Both the Super-Fast and the Mk4 give a temperature within 0.7°F and do it within 3 seconds. You can use them on anything that you are trying to gauge a temperature: meat, bread, cake, deep frying and candy. The Mk4 Thermapen is the world’s best in speed and accuracy and Cook's Illustrated rated it number 1. The intelligent backlight automatically lights up for ease, hold it in any direction and the display will rotate right-side-up and has a sleep mode when you set it down! This waterproof thermometer lasts up to 3000 hours with a AAA battery that is easily replaceable. For those of you who love to smoke your meat, Thermoworks has the Smoke Pro Series probe. This product was designed for competition BBQ teams and professional chefs. It is wireless up to 300 feet and has the ability to pair with the Smoke Gateway Wifi receiver to remotely track your smoking from anywhere in the world! If you are serious or finally getting serious about cooking, visit The Kitchen Nashville, to ensure that you will always be ready to cook to order.


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