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Coffee and Tea: The Paper and Tea Experience, 100% Natural Whole-Leaf Teas

Step in from the cold and try the Paper and Tea Master Blend Flavors at The Kitchen in the Westgate Center in Nashville. These Master Blend flavors are sourced from small scale, tea gardens across the world to emphasize purity and authenticity of flavor. Using high quality, whole-leaf tea, P&T guarantees a rich and refined drinking experience. They hand process their teas to ensure the tea leave’s complete flavor. The Kitchen carries these Master Blend flavors: Sweet Lullaby, Mint Julep, Perfect Day, Jackpot Derby and the Hariman Classic Chai. These blends are original recipes weaved together in a masterful palette of all-natural ingredients to highlight and celebrate the essence of tea. The Flavors feature organic tea and herbal blends which were created using fine teas pairing them with pure aromatic ingredients such as flowers, herbs & spices, dried vegetables and seeds. Sweet Lullaby is a blend of lemon verbena, lime-tree blossoms and other calming herbs that is specially formulated to help you unwind. The Mint Julep blend is inspired by a classic of southern American cocktail culture, the Mint Julep, this refresher pairs a smoky green tea with zesty lemon and cooling peppermint, conjuring up summery afternoons of chillin’ leisure. The Perfect Day blend is made just for that, the perfect day in the park. This blend is an arcadian mélange of delicate white tea and elderflower with hints of apricot. Inspired by the atmosphere and energy of a day at the races, the Jackpot Derby combines a bold blend of rich black teas with undertones of warm tobacco and notes of ripe fig. Hariman Classic Chai, this classic Indian inspired recipe is closely guarded but we know that you will enjoy just the right amount of spicy and full-bodied Assam black tea.


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