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Small Appliances: The Jura Automatic Coffee Machine

Your perfect cup of coffee in 90 seconds or less at the touch of a button.

That’s right, you’re thinking of the Jura Automatic Coffee Machine Series. There are multiple varieties and depending on what you expect out of an automatic coffee machine and your budget, there are advantageous of each. The Kitchen has in stock the E8 and Z6 of the Jura Automatic Machine Series, but can order any machine in the Jura Series. The Z6 is a top of the line Automatic Coffee Machine, it uses the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System and the Aroma G3 Grinder to ensure you get the best tasting coffee every time. The Pulse Extraction Process allows you to adapt the coffee to suit your personal taste. The Pulse Extraction Process is used to obtain the maximum aroma even with small specialty coffees suck as an espresso or ristretto. The water is pressed through the ground coffee in short bursts, optimizing the extraction time. Because of the importance of water to good tasting coffee, the Jura Machines use the CLEARYL plus filter cartridge. This filter ensures that the machine does not need to be descaled, and you always have high quality water for your coffee drinking pleasure. The Z6 machine switches from milk to milk foam automatically, with a world first, adjustable milk and milk foam temperature. The E8 also uses the Pulse Extraction Process and the Aroma G3 Grinder to ensure that the coffee is optimally ground. With eight different intensity levels, coffee lovers can customize their coffee just the way they like it. Come visit us at The Kitchen for a free cup of coffee and a demonstration of the Z6!


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