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Shun Knives at Kitchen Store in Nashville, TN

There is always the question of which knife should I get; a Japanese style blade like the Shun series or a German style blade like the Wusthof or Tennessee’s own Hammer Stahl. The good thing is that The Kitchen Nashville carries these brands among many others, but I digress… Simply put, a German knife is a more utilitarian knife and is your workhorse; while Shun knives are for the delicate slicing work in the kitchen. Both German and Japanese knives are made of high quality steel, but not all steel is equal. The hardness of steel is measured on the Rockwell scale and German knives typically measure around 57 while Japanese knives are between 60 to 63. This hardness of steel has both positives and negatives; many Shun owners have complained about their Shun chipping; usually from cutting something hard causing the blade to bend. Shun knives are layered Damascus Steel that are made to slice through soft foods like vegetables, poultry or fish. Shun’s 100 step, handcrafted forging method, using the most advanced materials, allow for the blade to be sharpened to a steeper angle, a 16° double-bevel. This 16° double-bevel cutting edge slices through soft vegetables and meats without bruising or tearing, keeping your flavors with the perfect cut. If you are looking for a lighter, more nimble slicing knife, Shun’s Premier, Classic or Kanso are the perfect knife for that perfect slice.

Stop by The Kitchen Nashville – our kitchen store has a great variety of high-end knives for professional chefs and home-chefs alike.


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